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Malaysian Crime Watch Task Force (MyWatch) is an initiative to bust the trespassers and to bring the crime rate under control in this growing and rapidly changing environment. The motive is primarily to protect the people in Malaysia from crime and all forms of criminal harm.

Crime is a harmful act which brings dishonor not only to the individual but also to the nation as whole. It includes activities that are forbidden and punishable in accordance with law. A crime is generally defined by the inclusion of two things- guilty mind and guilty act. These wrongdoers who escape from the eyes of law get caught in our mesh. We bring to light the crime and corruptive activities of the citizens and also the Law-protecting authorities like Policemen if they violate the norms of the country.

The aim is to prevent, identify, manage, investigate and deal with fraud and corruption. The Malaysian Crime Watch task Force is against crime in any scale like petty, grand or systemic, any sector like economic, public or private industry or even NGOs, as well the different methods of corruption like bribery, theft, fraud etc.,.

We extend our support to the law enforcers in all forms of anti-crime activities, improve the watch on the society and to promote and encourage environment and socio-economic development.

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To stir the hibernating minds and eradicate the roots of crime amongst people in order to erect a cordial environment to live in.


To make people responsive towards the evil carry outs like crime and corruption and to uproot its practices in any form in the society within a period of 3years.

Awaken the wits of people and improve the watch on the society to stamp out crime within a period of 3years.

To perk up the surveillance of every citizen and to overthrow crime and its conducts within a period of 3years.

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